Austin Live Music for April

industrial-metal industrial experimental doom-metal metal


@ Mohawk

with Regis

Thu, 24 April 4:39pm

post-rock instrumental indie alternative post-rock


@ Emo's

Thu, 24 April 7:10pm

jazz reggae vocal a-capella singer-songwriter

Bobby McFerrin

@ Bass Concert Hall, Austin, TX

Thu, 24 April 8:00pm

heavy-metal psychedelic-rock doom-metal psychedelic progressive-rock


@ Emo's

with King Dude

Thu, 1 May 6:33pm

stoner-metal stoner-rock southern-metal metal heavy-metal


@ Emo's

Sat, 24 May 8:00pm

singer-songwriter blues rock alternative-rock alternative

Dax Riggs

@ Mohawk

Sat, 24 May 9:00pm

indie-rock indie cincinnati rock alternative-rock

Bad Veins

@ Mohawk

Sun, 25 May 9:00pm

post-punk industrial experimental noise-rock no-wave


@ Mohawk

with Xiu Xiu

Fri, 27 June 6:44am

turntablism electronic hip-hop scratch hip-hop


@ Emo's

with Salva

Sat, 28 June 2:44am

atmospheric-black-metal black-metal cascadian-black-metal post-black-metal depressive-black-metal

Ash Borer

@ Mohawk

with Hell

Fri, 4 July 4:50pm

drone stoner-rock experimental sludge doom-metal


@ Mohawk

Tue, 29 July 4:34pm

the-most-frostbitten-and-grim-music-from-the-very-very-very-very-very-very-inverted-mountains-of-kxziiiimfghhhblaghl house electronic dance disco


@ Various Venues

Tue, 17 March 9:11pm

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